About SIPC

SIPC’s mission is to protect the rights of culture, heritage, language and ancestral lands needed to preserve and restore the Peoples’ continued existence as indigenous nations. Our mission is based on a vision of healthy ecosystems, testaments to our Peoples’ lives, values, and work for so many years. We fulfill our mission by researching, monitoring, and reporting on food, housing, health, and education solutions while advocating for Southeast community strengthening, environmental, educational, health, and cultural centers. We work in concert to achieve these goals with Southeast Peoples helping Southeast Peoples down our particular paths to peace. Some Indigenous Peoples' governments seek BIA services or agreements with US local, state, or national government, some seek legitimate treaties as independent governments, some seek decolonization.

Pressing environmental issues, especially climate change, prompted the formalization of southeast indigenous cooperation into the Southeast Indigenous Peoples’ Center. SIPC reports on environmental issues and facilitates contact with Indigenous Peoples. Toward that end SIPC welcomes Indigenous Peoples surviving the southeastern holocaust and assesses the condition of our Peoples, lands, and culture. Southeast Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous refugees in the Southeast are invited to contact us with their environmental concerns.