Celebrate our Creator's Work

SIPC's Sacred Life Subcommittee of the Health Committee is launching a new project:

Celebrate our Creator's Work

To protect our Peoples and their burial sites, sacred sites, and cultural sites.

Celebrate our Creator's Work will:

1) Empower Indigenous Peoples to worship our Creator in traditional ways, celebrating our Creator's work.

2) Promote respect for creation: water, wind, land, and all living things.

3) Document Indigenous burial sites, sacred sites, and cultural sites.

4) Promote the development and implementation of a Southeast Comprehensive Cultural Restoration Plan.

In order to restore our Peoples' health, SIPC will promote restoration of spiritual practices that bring peace to our People. Traditionally we live in a balanced world when our burial sites, sacred sites, and cultural sites were respected places associated with meaningful ceremonies that directed us to celebrate our Creator's Work. Each Indigenous People celebrates our Creator's Work by keeping our People, wind, water, and land pure and in balance with the forces our Creator set to work in this world.